Friday, June 3, 2011

A Quick TSE Update

Hey Everyone--Its Vanessa....Kelly is out in the woods riding on the sixth day of the TSE Stage Race in State College, PA.  We arrived last Saturday and quickly settled in to our room at the Eagle Lodge.  Sunday was Day One and it was a 10 mile time trial.  Kelly was surprised by the difficulty of the day.....lots of mud to be found.  Evidently, this part of PA had seen a LOT of rain this spring.  But, wouldn't you know, we brought the hot and humid weather from NC with us!  Record-breaking heat Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. 

Monday was Day Two and it was a very challenging 50 mile day.  Kelly didn't have a great race--he flatted, wrecked, and ran out of water about an hour from an aide station.  But, day two was much better.  The day was 43 miles of mostly double-track and fire roads.  There was about five miles of technical single track thrown in, but overall, Kelly finished the stage in fourth place and felt great.  If only that feeling would've lasted......

As Tuesday afternoon turned into the evening, Kelly starting feeling nauseous.  I thought it was dehydration so we went to see the doctor and he proceeded to give Kelly two liters of fluid via an IV.  He also gave him a pill for nausea but throughout the night, the pill did no good.  Kelly never gets sick and this was probably the worst I've seen him since I can remember.  Needless to say, he was not able to compete in Day Four.  We laid low for the day and he was able to take in some simple foods.  We stayed at a hotel Wednesday night to get Kelly out of the heat and to hopefully get him a good nights sleep.  It worked thank goodness.

Kelly was able to compete in Day Five at the R.B. Winter Park.  He stayed in the back most of the day but was able to ride the 28 miles that the day required.

As we speak, he is riding now--today is Day Six and the end is near.  Minus the sickness, we've had a great time in PA.  We've gotten the chance to spend time with other mountain bikers that we'd never met before and everyone has been very nice.  Ray and Mike (the TSE organizers) have done an excellent job with the race from day to day. 

When I've got more time, I'll get some pictures posted!--Vanessa

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  1. Great, thanks for the update. What a great experience this race is for Kelly. Sure hope he returns feeling like his ole' self.