Thursday, July 7, 2011

So Hurts!

On Tuesday morning we said goodbye to Crested Butte and headed down the road to Durango. 

The view from the rear view

The sky was as blue as ever, and it was going to be a beautiful day.  Kelly and I had never been on the "Million Dollar Highway" aka HW 550.  Wow, were we impressed!  It is hard to put into words what that drive was like.  The San Juan mountains are just beautiful and with all of the higher elevation snow melt, the rivers and waterfalls were in full effect.  It was one of those drives where you do not want to go the speed limit, because there is so much to see. 

Once we made it to Durango, we rolled on by the hostel and headed for Phil's World in Cortez, CO.  The talk was that these 20 plus miles of singletrack were not to be missed.  Um........that is a correct statement.  The trail is buff, fast, and so much fun.  I remember stopping on the trail for a water break and saying that it was just not possible to have that much fun on a bike.  Seriously.  We were laughing and smiling so hard that I swear my face hurt!  At one point, we both commented on the serious sensory overload that we had experienced that day.

Hello Phil's World!

We had a blast on the ride.  Probably the most fun that Kelly and I have had together on one ride.  We picked the hottest time of day (noon start) to ride!  Which is probably why we never saw another person the entire ride.  There is something about being on a ride and knowing that whatever you see at that moment, will be your moment.  Its kinda special.  And it's why we ride :-)  We spent a few hours at Phil's World and then headed back to the hostel for our first night in Durango.  I was so tired!  The heat just zapped me--but in a good way.  It just felt great to be back on the bike. 

And thanks to Dewet (Squirt Lubricant), Kelly had a fun ride planned for the next day. 

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