Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Road Trip

Vanessa and I headed out West once again this year. We decided to add a couple new destinations to the mix as well as a few favorites. This time instead of flying, I loaded up the truck and drove on out. I was able to get a little bikepacking in on the Colorado Trail before picking Vanessa up at the Denver airport.

From Denver, we headed North to ride the trails in Kurt Gowdy state park and then worked our way over to Jackson Hole, WY. We spent a few day riding in the land of the Tetons as well as a day of sightseeing in Yellowstone.

Next up was Park City, UT where we rode the Mid-Mountain and Wasatch Crest trails. After having a great time with some Park City locals, we drove South and then West which landed us in our favorite place on earth, Crested Butte, CO.

We spent five or so days in Crested Butte. In addition to riding all of the classics, I sought out and conquered as many extended climbs as I could find. I was extremely happy to be in the land of big hills as we don't have any at home and I love to climb. We also indulged in daily ice cream at the new ice cream joint in town (Third Bowl). With flavors like salted caramel, chevre with candied lemon, chocolate cherry bourbon, and avocado with candied ginger how could you not eat this stuff on a daily basis. The fourth of July parade was quite a spectacle and the best we've seen.

On our trek back towards Denver, Vanessa dropped me off at the top of Monarch Pass so I could pay a visit to a "friend" who I hadn't seen in a couple of years. It was my pleasure to spend a few hours getting reacquainted with the Monarch Crest, Silver Creek, and Rainbow trails. The weather was perfect and the trails were rippin'.

As always, it was sad to leave CB but it was nice to spend some time back in Denver with our friends Luis and Lima who graciously took us in and fed us quite well. I took the bike out one last time on the Colorado Trail near Copper Mountain with Luis and Jeremy and had an absolute blast.

I would have to say that this was our best trip yet and I am already looking forward to planning the next.

If you aren't tired of looking at pictures yet or if you want to kill some more time at work, check out the link below. We came home with around 800 pictures from this trip. Our camera batteries failed us so please excuse the quality as most of them were taken with my shaky hands and phone.

Trip Pictures


  1. I miss riding the CB trails. That long 12+ mile descent on 401 is still classic! Great job at ORAMM, and nice to meet you there. Take care.

  2. I need to set aside some time to join you for part of a trip like this next year!