Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fools Gold 100 Race Report

After my poor performance at Fools Gold last year, I had been eagerly awaiting another shot at putting together a good run on the Dahlonega, GA course. This year the FG100 was the final race of the NUE series and was a good opportunity to gain some points in the overall series standings.

After finishing up Shenandoah a week ago, I decided to stay off the bike for a few days in prep for FG. Wednesday evening I took a casual spin to get the legs moving and everything felt fine. It wasn't until after the ride that I noticed that my back was extremely sore. Once I got home, I found myself hunched over in a riding position while trying to walk. After stretching I felt marginally better but I was still more or less hunched over. To make a long story short, I was still hunching on Thursday and was a little better on Friday.

After wondering what was going on with my back and contemplating whether to line up or not, I decided to give the race a go. Things felt ok for the first ~8 miles but soon after, my back started locking up again. Somewhere around mile 30 I began having muscle spasms which just added to the fun of being permanently hunched over. Moving along with a combination of walking and riding, I made it to the mile 40 aid station where I decided to call it a day.

Photo Cred: regularjoephotography
Pulling out of a race is always a tough decision and it is hard not to regret it. I could have willed myself to the finish but it would have taken a long time and would have been extremely painful. I know that I can finish a 100 mile race so there was nothing for me to prove by finishing. I was and am still unfamiliar with whatever is going on with my back. Not wanting to risk a permanent or long term injury, the only smart option in my mind was to pull out.

I do not like to finishing the NUE series on this note but I am satisfied with the progress that I have made this year. I can see that I am slowly working my way up the ladder and that gives me motivation to work hard in the off season to try to get another rung closer next season.

I had an appointment with my chiropractor yesterday and found out that my L5 was locked up and was either caused by or causing my sacrum to be tilted and twisted. He was able to get me straightened out and walking normal again. I hope that my muscles accept the adjustment and continue to remain happy.

Thank you Eddie and Namrita of 55Nine Performance for all your hard work in putting on this race. Also thanks to all of the volunteers who do an excellent job assisting us out on the course.


  1. Sorry you did not finish. I am glad you are feeling better. Great job in the series this year, congrats!