Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day One

This will be a quick post....Day one came and went. Two mini-vans later and we were on our way. I'll save that story for another day......you get what you pay for, thanks Alamo! Saturday was a long day. We stopped in Kittredge and picked up our bikes and extra box of stuff. The guys at Canyon Cycles were very nice! We then hit the road for Grand Junction and found a place to stay for the night. We got up on Sunday and drove over to Moab--the red rocks are absolutely amazing. We set up camp at the Big Bend campground on Road 128 and then headed out to THE slickrock trail. What a different experience. Let's just say that V had to do some hike-a-bike while Kelly climbed everything. No surprise there!

Day Two was another trail in Moab....The Sovereign Trail. Which was off a long dirt road IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! We were dragging bottom with our 'Jeep' aka The Minivan :) The trail was great--so much different than the slickrock. The trail was well marked and there was a ton of step-ups, sand and steep switchbacks. You'll get to see when I've got a chance to upload some pictures. All in all, Moab was a lot of fun on some very different trails.

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