Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We've Made it to Fruita, CO

Day Three (it is Tuesday, right?) starting with a cool morning. We packed up camp and hit the road by 0800. We took the scenic drive out of Moab and headed to Fruita. It is only a 45 minute drive back and thanks to the 75 mph speed limit, its quick. Oh, and on our way out to Moab we saw four antelope just roaming on the side of the road--very cool. They're big!

We made it out to our campsite at Highland Lake and set up camp. We decided to ride the Kokopelli trails today. I picked the trails today and we rode Rustlers trail--a 3.5 mile easy/quick beginner trail and then we huffed it up to the Horsethief Trail just off of Mary's Loop. Let's just say that the very first 'downhill' was scary as all get out......not rideable and hard to get down with your bike. But, once we got past that, it was 100% fun! I really enjoyed the trails today because I could ride everything. A nice change from Moab. Why? Because I didn't fall today and don't have any more bruises on my butt. No joke, the slickrock trail got me pretty good. Ok, so back to Horsethief. It was an overall great trail. We rode along the Colorado River (in Moab too) which is so cool because it is a vast, flowy river with lots of cool ledges and rock formations on the cliffs above the river. And oh yeah, we were riding ON TOP OF THE CLIFFS! My descriptions don't do any of the trails justice. It is, the most beautiful things either one of us have ever seen.

I am sitting at Enstrom's in Fruita, CO while I type this. They have the best almond toffee www.enstroms.com So good! We'll be riding the Bookcliffs (18 Road for the locals) tomorrow. The trails tomorrow are not as technical as what we did today and we should put in some good rides for a full day. On Thursday we aren't sure what we'll do, but we'll be on our way to Crested Butte Friday morning. Thankfully, it will not be snowing there (hopefully) by the time we get there. They are calling for snow up there tomorrow and Thur........holy crap, snow in September. Where we are going to be camping. But its supposed to be in the 50's this weekend.

Kelly is on the phone talking about our trip so far and I wish I had typed everything he's saying....I've left so much out.

The crazy thing is how quickly the terrain changes. It is hard to describe. The Slickrock Trail was just crazy b/c the rock just jutts out of the sky and you think there is no way you can climb it but you can b/c your tire just sticks to it. While we were out there we could see the Colorado river near where we were camping.

We are thinking about doing a high-country ride on Thursday. There is a trail up above 9000 ft. that is in an aspen tree forest. We picked the perfect time to see the Aspens. When their leaves turn, they are as bright as the sun and now is the time for them to change. And it'll be our first ride up high--we'll see how it goes!

I'm going to sign off for now. But I think we'll be back to Enstroms.....the ice cream was so good, and we bought some toffee to take with us. Good stuff.

We are having a wonderful time and just enjoying everything that we get to see. The campground has showers and laundry, so we're heading back to do some of that stuff.

I'll post again when we get a chance, and hopefully post some pictures too!


  1. Yeah!! :) I'm glad to hear that y'all are having a good time!! Hope you are taking some pictures as you go!

  2. Great post!! Love hearing about your trip. It sounds amazing. Stay safe and have fun!!

  3. Wow, it sounds like you are having an awesome time! I can't wait to see pictures...and I'm hoping nobody comes back with any injuries from those crazy downhills and riding on the tops of cliffs : )

  4. Dear Chickie (V) and Kelly: So happy to read your post and also so happy to hear from you via cell. I am excited for all your courage and bravry and continued stamina you both show. How fit and healthy is that.!!! Here's hoping you continue to have fun and be safe. Love You Much, V's Momm Elliotte