Friday, September 11, 2009

The Goods are in the Mail

We have spent the past couple of weeks figuring out how to get all of our equipment out West. We decided to pack the bikes in boxes and ship a third wheel box with camping gear via FedEx. Over the weekend, I disassembled the bikes and strategically packed them in boxes. It may sound easy but it kept me busy for a couple of hours. I was able to get the bikes and wheels contained within their boxes and everything wrapped nice and tidy. They should be able to withstand the usual abuse that is expected when shipping with FedEx. The boxes were shipped out yesterday and should be waiting for us here.

The guys at Canyon Cycles have been great to deal with. We have never met these guys before but by our phone conversations I can tell that they are great guys. They have agreed to receive our bikes for us and keep the boxes while we are cruising around in our awesome minivan.

This weekend we will finish gathering the remainder of our supplies and will figure out how to pack it all up. It is surprising how much it takes to bike and camp for two weeks. We are not taking all that much but we have to take enough to be prepared for any type of weather that can be thrown at us.

Vanessa's back is feeling quite a bit better today so we may be able to take a quick spin on the fire roads tomorrow. I don't think that it would be wise to venture onto the singletrack quite yet but hopefully we can get a couple of rides in during the week next week. There is a local XC race Sunday at Beaverdam. We are going to go out and help with the race however neither one of us will be racing. V is definitely a no-go with her back and I'm not willing to risk injury this close to our trip. I will find a way to get in a ride or two this weekend though.

Only a week out now!

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